Highway 11


“I’ve never really recorded my voice on a mobile phone before. I hope my voice is clear. My dad is going to be so pissed off when he finds out what I did to his Cadillac.”, Rodrigo chuckled as he saw himself in the front mirror of the car.

“Stop fooling around with my Chevy, Dave!”, exclaimed Stephanie.
“Relax girl. I can hold my vehicle steady at this speed. Be thankful that I am not driving your car on the wrong side of the highway”, reasoned Dave.

“I am driving at a speed of 40 miles per hour on Highway 11. But thats not the messed up part. What’s funny is that I am driving in the wrong lane. I know I’ll end up crashing this Cadillac into somebody else. So you know now that I ain’t that innocent. I am taking the sole responsibility for killing that other person. Don’t mourn my death even for a moment.”

“Do you know what they say about highway 11?”, asked Stephanie.
“Don’t they say a lot of things about almost all highways?”, Dave found his sister’s habit of attaching trivia or myth with everything on the planet very annoying and he made no attempt to hide his displeasure.
“No. But this one is haunted you know”
“Here we go again”
“But haunted by good forces”
“Ha. This is a new one”, mocked Dave
“I don’t know the exact story but it has got something to do with a priest getting run over by a truck on this highway or something”, said Stephanie
“Oh. So How does that benefit me? Why exactly are you sharing this with me?”, Dave asked.
“I dont know. You seem pissed off at something. Maybe if you ask the highway, it will grant you your wish. Atleast that is what the legend says.”, Stephanie said, smiling with a wink.
Dave’s changed countenance unveiled the grief he carried within his heart. His voice trembled as he said “You know what I would really want right now? Its the chance to go back in time. The chance to study Science”
“What ? Really? Never knew this was brewing in your mind”, Stephanie sounded bemused.
“Whom am I kidding Stephanie? I am 30 with no trace of a career anywhere near me. I don’t think I have enough substance in me to deal with the competition in a designer’s profession”

“I am resorting to suicide in my full senses. I can’t cope up with the academic pressures. I cant study science anymore.”, Rodrigo spoke directly into his cellphone’s mic.

“What do you wish for?”, Stephanie asked.
“What I would wish now is to have not taken the decision to study design. Back then I thought I had it in me. But I don’t feel that rush anymore.”

Rodrigo rolled down the window of his Cadillac and shouted out loudly, “Do you hear me? I dont want this anymore. I am tired of this screwed up life that you’ve given me. And thats why I’m ending it today”

“I wish”, said Dave, “I could get a chance to learn science.”
“Watch out Dave”, Screamed Stephanie.

The Cadillac and the Chevy rammed into each other – head on. The impact of the collision threw both the vehicles off the road. Dave looked sideways and was shocked to not find Stephanie next to her. He tried finding a way out of the vehicle and squeezed his way out of the window. He was flummoxed to find himself coming out of a Cadillac. The next thing he saw sucked the life out of him. He saw his Chevy overturned ahead of the Cadillac and inside it were his and Stephanie’s body. The impulse was to rush towards Stephanie to see if she was all right. Fortunately, she was breathing. He pulled her out and then turned towards the other body and stood there flabbergasted. He pulled out the other body which was gasping for breath. It had his face. He turned towards the mirror and saw a stranger’s face in it. Nearby the accident spot stood a creepy board proclaiming boldly, “Highway 11 – Be careful what you wish for”

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