Different Perspectives


Its interesting how different people perceive different things differently. One man’s boon is another man’s bane. Interestingly, the solution to most of life’s problems lie in looking at the problem from a different perspective. I learnt this valuable lesson in life a few months ago when me and my friends Abhimanyu and Neelim were returning from a Dominoes Pizza Joint which was situated 15 kilometers away from my college.  Abhimanyu was driving the bike and me and Neelim were riding pillion. It was around 11 in the night when we were returning back. Around some 5 kilometres away from our college the petrol in our bike got over.  All of us were very frustrated  because we had just had an awesome dinner and were feeling sleepy. Now we had to take turns in pushing the bike for the rest of the distance.

Abhimanyu was pushing the bike along the road and me and Neelim were walking behind him. And thats when I remembered how I had once heard this survival tactic.  Interestingly, you can blow inside the petrol tank of a vehicle when its out of petrol and it runs for another half a kilometre. I suggested this to them and was ridiculed by them.  So I had to give them an explanation. Basically, the Petrol Vapours in the petrol tank get condensed by the wind that you blow in and hence the vehicle runs for some distance.

I opened the petrol tank and blew inside it. With great apprehensions, Abhimanyu tried to start the bike. To our surprise, it worked. We all hopped on the bike in great excitement and rode away as fast as we could. Obviously our joy was short-lived as the bike came to a halt after running for some 400 metres. I had a gut feeling that there were probably some more of petrol vapours in the tank. I got down and opened the bike’s petrol tank and blew inside it. And as Abhimanyu kick started it I got back on the bike and we rode again. Now we were too happy on our way back. We did it around 7 times after every 400 metres as our bike stopped moving. Now this was getting far too exciting for us. Thats when Neelim said,

“Abay yeh kisi ke bhi phoonkne se hota hain ya Denny ki phoonk me jaadu hain?”

Now that got us thinking. The next time the bike stopped. We both got down the bike and this time Neelim blew inside the tank. To our surprise, it did not work. The bike just wouldnt start. So now I stepped up. I blew inside it. Abhimanyu kicked the pedal and BOOM… the bike roared to glory. I had never felt more empowered in my life. I felt like a mutant waiting to be unleashed. and Thats when Neelim said the weirdest thing.

“All hail Denny – The Blow Job King”

So Yeah, in my college thats what boys call me these days and girls obviously dont talk to me anymore 😐


P.S. There is nothing gay about three men riding on a bike


5 thoughts on “Different Perspectives

  1. kavish chhatwani

    haha ..dats more like it 😉 ..n dats one bulshit reason “condesing fumes into petrol” ..its just the petrol in the pipe ..but good ..untill u didnt try sucking-the-smoke-out from the silensor 😛 ..”the blow job king” 😉

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