The Game


The Game

Its been some hours

we’ve been playing this game

where she calls the wind

and I bring the rain

The wind blows past us

and asks her in pain

I’m here on your call, my dear

but where is the rain?

Embarrased, my girl

she holds me and says

Oh wind! have you no lover?

to win not, he plays

“I beg of you children

love is not a game

please quit this childplay

and call my lover – the rain

She’s angry with me

wont heed my serenade

but to appease you lovers

she might just do the charade”

I pray really hard

in my bid to woo her

but all of it is in vain

since I’m not a believer

She asks me to calm down

and reprimands the wind

“Failed is your love, old man!

Dont blame it on him”

Furious, he grows in rage

and moves violently

assumes a crude shape

and pushes her gently

It stays with us

hovering in longing

pain ridden

moaning and roaring

Scared, she comes closer

I just miss her first kiss

as our faces almost merge

the rain hit her lips



Update :

20/06/2011 – Published in Youth Ki Awaaz  (

13 thoughts on “The Game

  1. Vachanaditya

    i opened ur blog… saw tht it was just a poem and left it…
    was getting bored… the poem ka tab was still opened… so started reading…

    it was just WOW bey….
    keep up the awesome work buddy!! 🙂

  2. @shilpan : thanks. glad you liked the poem 🙂
    @pooja : hehe. i dont have any credit for the picture. thank you anyways 🙂
    @shweta : ya. i liked the idea too. i hoped to do something different.
    @nirmal : maybe they do, maybe they dont 🙂
    @nikhil : i’m glad you liked it. I’m proud of that part 🙂
    @pavan : thank you 🙂
    @vachanaditya : sahi 🙂 glad you liked it 🙂
    @shreya : true 🙂
    @nitin : saale! you had not subscribed yet? 😛
    @aditya : aray nice 🙂 thanks. glad that this could evoke so many images in your head 🙂
    @aash : thanks launday 🙂

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