Dear Dolly


Dear Dolly

I dont love you, infact I dont even like you. Ok whom am I kidding? Fuck you bitch, I cant even stand the sight of you prancing around like a wild donkey in my room. The only reason that I am good to you is because I am scared that you might drag me down to that lame ass show “Rakhi ka Insaaf” and accuse me of molesting you. And I crap you not but nothing scares me more than a girl with a penis. And the thought of being with two of your kinds scares the shit out of me.

And what was all that hullaballo about “Baap pe mat jaana”. You should have seen the look on Manoj Tiwari’s face. He’s spent all his life romancing girl half your size in movies and here you are screaming like a jackass on him with all your force. You grew up in punjab bitch, you have no fucking rights to be so touchy about your “Baap”. Guess what, Fuck your dad. His balls should have been sliced off for having you in the first place.

The most adorable attribute I find in you is, how you meddle in everyone’s personal affairs and when it comes to the light that you had no grounds for the argument in the first place, you try to squirm away by saying “Jaa jaa, apna kaam kar”, “Bohot dekhe hain tere jaise” and “Aaya bada”.

Ok, now six words for you, WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, FUCK OFF!  I know you intend to revive your doomed career with all these theatrics but let me assure you, the only good that could happen to your career is  that hyena-like laughter of yours is going to be used as an alarm clock during exam days by engineering students.

And whats up with you trying to hook each girl up with Ashmit Patel? Considering what he is good at, half of the nation is praying for him to get some action with atleast one of the girls and the other half are the girls who are too busy thinking how big a shame you are on their existence. Going by his previous performance, let me vouch for him by saying that no one caters to the fancy of the boys of India better than Ashmit Patel. Half of the nation is waiting with bated breath to get a glimpse of Meera on the MMS that Ashmit will release. So I urge you on behalf of all the boys out there to back off!

No matter whatever you hide in that rotten heart of yours, You ‘have-to-have-to-have-to-have-to answer this question : puppy face : . What is the deal with your official homepage ( )? It has a pic of you wearing a top with a plunging neckline, and below that is banner pleading us to vote for you in Bigg Boss. Now that must take some balls, isnt it? Questioning the morality of other girls on the show and then go on to have a website as pathetic as this. Let me burst the bubble for you, the only difference between you and shweta tiwari is that you started your career with 50 kilos more than what she started off with. And no I dont think she has a crush on me. The only reason I blushed when you mentioned that was because I look cute, sexy and adorable that way.

Yours truly,

The Great Khali

P.S : If ever again you call me your brother, I’m gonna slap that ass off your face!

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