Why My Dog Wont Cry ?


I had a dog once, I named him bobby
he liked to chase nuns,  that stupid doggie.
I used to beat him, with my big bat
When no one was at home, I fed him live rats.
He made a sad face, I wouldn’t cool down
I made him to shit, in his own food bowl
I threw him down 3 floors, he came running back
that pet is my biggest foe, but expects from me a pat
I’m such a jerk at times,  I gave him onion fry
that moron ate it, but the dog just wont cry

I stabbed him in his chest, he started laughing
I put him to rest, he started barking.
I ripped his chest open, it was endearing
I grabbed his heart out, he started shivering
He should have breathed in, he kept exhaling
He should have laid still, he kept complaining.
I tried to choke him, He found a way out
I put a pillow on him, he stuck his tongue out
spoiled my favourite pillow, the act went futile
Fed  his toe to a crow , the dog still didnt cry

After a long time, he let out a loud shriek
scared the crap out of me, that idiotic freak
I know he’s dead now, I didnt shed a tear
But at times I feel wierd, I live in constant fear
I feel he stalks me, though he’s in my backyard
He just disappears, the moment I turn around
I go to his grave, I hear him talking
I try to be brave, and keep on nodding.
He is a mad case, wants me to give this a try
Asks me to kill  dogs, who find it hard to cry.

And thats what I’ve been doing ever since!


Comments/criticism/abuses are welcome 🙂

13 thoughts on “Why My Dog Wont Cry ?

  1. Abhinav

    brutally and violently cute. Denny George belongs to a new breed of writers who astonish you by the beautiful portrayal of their cruel thoughts.

    — The Guardian

  2. Amol

    At one point I thought you’d go so far as to castrate the poor Dog. Luckily you didn’t.

    Nice work. May the Dog haunt the crap out of you. 😀

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