I Still Love You


It was 3 in the night when Sahil’s cell phone beeped. A beep which would have otherwise gone unnoticed in the day, it could give any loudspeaker a run for its money in the night’s silence. Sahil woke up alarmed by the buzz and silenced it and turned to ensure his wife wasn’t woken up by it in one swift motion. He then brushed off the sleep from his eyes and read the newly arrived message.

“Dude! I am high.”
Sahil crept out of the bed stealthily and went to the bathroom attached to their bedroom. Something told him that this was going to take up a lot of time and he didn’t want to disturb her. Inside the bathroom he made all the arrangements to make himself comfortable. He inverted the bucket and sat on it and started the messaging spree.
Sahil : Hey Kartik! long time. Tell me whats up.
Kartik : Its so unbelievably awesome here man! You should have been here too. We would have got high, maybe meet a few chicks. This place is beautiful.
Sahil : Ok.thats a bit wierd you know. I know for sure that you didn’t get high and message me all of a sudden in the night for this reason. Tell me whats wrong?
Karthik : Lol :). You wont believe what i did today.I proposed to her today. Can you believe this? I proposed to Nishtha today. Told her everything I felt about her since our college days.
Sahil : Seriously? Ha ha. A drunken proposal… thats classic 🙂 On a serious note thats actually a bit bad… but anyways, tell me what did she reply?
Kartik : How could she reply now idiot? Wouldn’t she be asleep by now. She isn’t the idle kind like us 🙂 must be busy in her busy life.
Sahil : Idle??? wtf! You think I have no better job. I am sitting here in a freaking bathroom trying to have a secret conversation with my best friend. I didn’t even have to bear such pains to woo my wife before marriage.
Kartik : Bathroom ha ha ha. Sorry man. Wait a sec, why the hell are you hiding in a bathroom? Doesn’t your wife allow you to speak to men too?
Sahil : True man. Life is downhill after marriage. She is still very possesive about me. Had she had her way, she would call a priest to perform “havans” even if a stray shadow were to fall on me.
Kartik : ha ha lol.
Sahil : WTF! thats what you reply to my message? a freakin lol. I’ll go now. You take care.
Kartik : Dude, no please don’t go to sleep. I just got a message from her. She says she will call me tomorrow.
Sahil : Are you telling me that she is awake? Oh god, even after all these years this girl never fails to surprise me 😉
Kartik : Thats true. I guess thats something I like the most about her 🙂 Anyways, what do you think will her reply be?
Sahil : Thats something I have no clue about but what i DO know is that you gotta stop thinking about what she thinks now.
Kartik : Ya man, I guess you are right. Its been so many years since we all met. And now when I finally tell her what I feel for her, I am drunk. What is she gonna think of me?
Sahil : To hell with what she thinks. We guys have been friends since college. There isnt a single thing that she doesnt know about you. All you did was tell her the truth. And if even after 5 years you require alcohol to come out with it then so be it. She has to deal with it!!! On a personal level I blame her hot legs for it 😉
Kartik : Oh ya! what legs man :dreamy eyed: 🙂 But still… How would she react?
Sahil : Oh, for god’s sake stop thinking about her for a while. Do you feel light in your heart or not ? If there’s something I learnt in my life is to not try to run away from miseries. The more you do that, the more you end up in one. You wanna be happy? then do things that make you happy. You did what you have always wanted to do all these years. Now be happy. And i would still say what i have been for saying all these years, “DONT THINK SO MUCH”
Kartik : hmmm… I am sorry 🙂
Sahil : Its ok. Ok tell me, why did you drink so much today, I mean whats the occasion ?
Kartik : Well Dad’s been forcing me to get married for a while now and I am going to meet a family friend’s daughter tomorrow 🙂 I just thought I should end a chapter of my life before I begin a new one 🙂
Sahil : Oh. thats great man. So you’re finally moving on. Are we invited to the wedding or do you still “need your space” 😛
Kartik : I still “need my space” 🙂 Will let you know as soon as I am ready to meet you guys 🙂
Sahil : Sure man. No hurry. Its only been 9 years afterall 🙂
Kartik : Sarcasm 🙂 Chal see ya. I gotta go. Have to wake up early tomorrow 🙂
Sahil : Ya sure. But before you go, send me the proposal you sent Nishtha. Lets see if you have got any better at this 🙂
Kartik : Here is it :
Hey Nishtha, Its me Kartik. I know this may sound a bit wierd now. Its been around 9 years but I had always wanted to tell you this. Now I finally got drunk enough to muster up the courage to tell you this. I just wanted to tell you ki how much I love you dude. I mean I love you so so so so so much. You mean the world to me buddy. I really reaaly reaaaly reaaly love you. I don’t have fancy words like your husband to express my love but still I wrote a proposal poem for you. Please bear with me:

you are my love, you are my way,
you are the dream i see lying awake
come what may,I’ll love you everyday
Aray oh Nishtha… I love you ray.
and by the way, your husband is gay.

Sahil : Oh man you still suck at it 🙂 The attack on her husband was totally uncalled for, you know. She is gonna be so pissed off right now 🙂
Kartik : I know. Ha ha 🙂 See ya soon man. Good night.
Sahil : Good night.
Sahil got up from the bucket and made a few random noises of flushing so as to not evoke any suspiscion from his wife. He got out of the bathroom only to be surprised by his wife standing in front of him with a glass of water.
“Are you all right?”, she enquired.
“Ya. Just a bit upset stomach.”, Sahil explained.
“I thought so too. Here, take this pill”, she said and passed on the water and medicine to him.
He gulped it down and made his way to the study table and stretched out his legs on the nearby bed and got hold of a book to read. She lied on the bed near his feet and asked, “Not going to sleep?”
“Naah! not feeling sleepy anymore”, He answered.
“Ok, Good night!”, she said and sunk her head in the pillow and then sat up in a fast motion at once and said, “Sahil!”
“Ya ?”
“I love you”, She said.
He closed the book and looked her in her eyes and said, “I love you too Nishtha.”

9 thoughts on “I Still Love You

  1. This is brilliant. Tight writing and a totally unexpected ending.
    Let me tell the readers of this blog a little about the making. This was proof-read by me and another friend Swair before he posted it. The girl’s name was originally Nisha. I remarked that in my primary school there was a VERY FAT girl called Nisha. Swair remarked that he knew a good looking girl named Nishtha, which reminded me that there was a good looking Nishtha in my secondary school too 😛 So we forced him to change it.

  2. PandeyG

    oh bhai how can u , i mean how can u make all the difference in just ” one line” ………….i mean after reading the last line u feel that it was worth spending last 10mins on reading this 🙂 🙂
    Gr8 work dude!!!

  3. 'chandni

    Why do i get this feeling that i’ll remember i still love you more than i’ll remember keith n kaya…?
    amazing story,denny 🙂

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