Zaisha (Part I)


DISCLAIMER : All the characters in the story are fictitious.

…All three of them chanted in unison as the swirling bottle came to a standstill, pointing towards me. Choosing “Truth” is always the easy way out, not because i am not afraid to speak the truth but bacause who is to judge whether what i say is true or not.
“Dare!”, I replied.

“Lets ask him to dance on the roads”, was Vidushi’s suggestion. Given a situation she is promised to behave in the most stereotypical ways.
“No yaar…yeh toh yeh saala kar lega”. Now this was Nitin’s statement. He would make sure that i got the worst task
“How about a strip tease on the road ?”, Gaurav never meant what he said but his jokes had to have some element of nudity in them, he found them funny for reasons unknown to all the three of us.

While he was laughing at his own mention of strip tease, the rest of the folks poured in a whole lot of other wierd possibilities that they required me to do as part of the “Truth or Dare” game that we were playing. Some involving electricity, some involving my nipples and some involving both!!!

“You will have to get laid tonight”, This had to be Gaurav again.
“Ya sure. Why not”, My tone was intended to be satirical. It didnt come out quite the way I expected.
“Hey that does sounds fun. I mean you don’t have to necessarily get laid. You just need to befriend someone present in this cafe.”, Now this was a more conservative one… understandable though… what else do you expect from a bunch of friends from Udaipur sitting in Leopold’s cafe in Mumbai.
“Oh yaa… This sounds fun.”, Vidushi knew that my dating skills were highly questionable considering the fact how I had failed countless times in the past to date her. She always ended up embarrassed and now probably wanted to join the fun as she watched me woo another girl.

“Are you crazy. Its already late. We need to reach the hostel and besides I wouldn’t ever be able to do it and what are you guys gonna do once I go.”
“Its Mumbai remember darling. This city never sleeps. And waise bhi teri khushi me hi toh humaari khushi hain.” Now that was Vidushi stating two cliche at once. I doubted if she ever used her brains. I doubted if she even had a brain.

“Her. Get her cell number”, Gaurav had even chosen my prey. I wonder if he was even hearing my pleadings.
I turned back and there she was. She was gorgeous. Her dress flowed upto her knee. I could go on to describe her beauty but the first thing that ran across my mind was “WOAH… WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE!!!” Is not that I have a league but… I don’t know …this “dare” was going to be impossible.

“Do it Denny”, Nitin persisted.
“You know what they say in Udaipur… what happens in Mumbai, stays in Mumbai”, though a modified cliché by Vidushi, it did make some sense. I thought what was the harm. And besides when was I ever going to get a chance to hit on a girl infront of Vidushi.

“I’ll do it”, I said.

I gathered myself up and walked towards her. I was still awestruck at her beauty and clueless as to how to begin. She saw me walking towards her and I could see a furious look in her eyes. “What did I do wrong now?” I asked myself. “Is it my walk? It is MY walk. I do walk like a jerk”

“What took you so long?”, were her first words.
“Excuse me?”, caught unaware, i was perplexed.
“You are Kritik right?”, She enquired.
I wasnt Kritik. I wasnt Kritik at all. But I saw a very faint ray of hope here.
“Ummm…. Yes, I guess so”, I said.
“Zaisha”, She stretched out her hand.
I shook her hand as her name echoed in my ears. Zaisha.

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