Blind Turn


I am tempted to speed up and have some real fun
to ride past the omen as I take this blind turn

I fear that danger awaits me around the corner
It has to be there since I know I am with her

I chose my own destiny still I like blaming my fate
I like messing with the danger and enjoy being late

I’ve been traversing this route since years
going through the same path,shedding tears

What is it? Why don’t I learn from my errors
Is it the sympathy received ,the pain or simply the joy of being with her

The thrill of the speed makes me ignore the fact
that I could have actually taken a different path

While my life would have been a lot easier
there would have neither been the omen nor her

So I am back on the same path speeding up my way
Praying to Lord,looking at her, this is what I say

Honey, I promise, I swear this is gonna be the last one
just hold on to me.Lets take this blind turn

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